JLB-2018Je me présente Bernard Jean-Luc, juge pressenti pour juger la Coupe du Monde des Bergers Français et Bouviers des Flandres. Je remercie le club de Drusenheim de m’avoir invité à juger.

Bonne chance à tous les concurrents.

A bientôt sur les terrains.


Responsable du GTN IGP – IPO – FH


patrissi.jpg Je m’appelle Jos PATRISSI, actif dans le sport canin depuis 1985 après la découverte de cette belle discipline le IPO.

Comme compétiteur j’ai conduit des Berger Allemand et des Berger Malinois.

J’ai participé à plusieurs championnats du monde FCI-IPO, WUSV, et FMBB.

Je remercie le club de Drusenheim le comité d'organisation

de m’avoir invité à juger cette Coupe du Monde des Bergers Français et Bouviers des Flandres.

Bonne chance à tous les concurrents.



My name is Guy FRITSCH, I was born in 1958 September the 4th, and I am in charge of the financial domain of a cultural institution in Strasbourg. Active in the dog sport since 20 years, I discovered this discipline at my first dog club, and I was passionate at once for this sport which puts forward all the qualities of the dog.

During my dog career, I always had German shepherd dogs, with which I participate at several French championships and 4 selections for the German shepherd world championship (WUSV). I was also team captain for the French teams at the FMBB or FCI-IPO World championships.

I was for many years president of the utility dog commission at a regional level and continue to have activities at the national working dog group. My duties as a judge are quite recent but already rich in experience (judge at the French championship for Rottweiler – Dobermann – Boxer).

I would like to thanks the organization committee for the trust, I congratulate the competitors on their qualification and which them a lot of success during this event.

Best regards


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